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The girls were flawless at creating model looking beauty's and making the brides and bridesmaids feel extra special.


They were professional and courteous to everyone. 


I recommend their services. 


Kantara House

Kantara House and their team of staff provided excellent service to the bride and groom as well as contractors such as myself.


I highly recommend this team of professionals to anybody as I know they are good at what they do. 


Everlong Events

The Everlong events team were very professional with their weddding planning and co-ordination. 


I highly recommend the staff for their excellence and kindness. 


Simple city music

Simple music was very professional and provided the music requested by the bride.


I have the upmost respect for them and highly recommend their service. 


Seasons in Art


Seasons in Art Photography staff were wonderful to work with. They were respectful of social distancing and respectful of my space.

They made sure they were not in anybody's way and were very polite.


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